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Wondering if your interview was a success? Look out for these signs

Waiting to hear back from your last interview and not sure if you’re going to be hired? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. The good news is, there are some signs that tell you whether you’ve made the cut. Take a look!

✅ The interviewer delved into details ????

If your interviewer takes his or her time and goes through all the details of a job right in the first interview, then you can relax knowing that things are going well. If they’re delving into details, there’s a high chance that they are confident in your abilities.

✅ Your interview was long ????

When your interview is longer than you expected, it means that the interviewer or manager is using his/her free time getting to know you. And if that happens, there’s a high chance that you’re going to be hired!

✅ The team is discussed ????????????????

If your manager is very impressed with you, he or she might start talking about the team you’re going to be working with. The purpose of this is to test how well you’re going to fit with the team you could most likely be working with.

✅ The interviewer tries selling you the position ????

If your interviewer talks about the perks, company culture, and why they like to work for the company, you can take it as a good sign. They’re most likely trying to spark an interest in you and get you on board with the job. 

✅ Salary is discussed ????

The salary is often not discussed unless the interviewer is really serious about offering you the job. So, if there’s some discussion about your previous salary or what you expect to make from the role you’re being interviewed for, there’s a high chance that the company is interested in you. 

✅ You’re asked about the start date ????

And finally, if your interviewer asks you about your availability, they might be really considering you for the job.

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