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The Don’ts of Job Applications ❌

Looking for the right jobs and applying for them is a big task in itself that requires quite a lot of dedication and time. We’ve already discussed all the dos of applying to jobs, let’s now take a look at the don’ts. ????????

❌ Don’t delay applying

Make sure you apply to a job as soon as you see the post. You’re not the only one that has come across it; there are thousands of others that may have seen the post as well. 

So even if the deadline to apply is weeks away, it’s better you apply as soon as possible. This is because the company might decide to choose a candidate even before the deadline, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. ????????

❌ Don’t become too personal 

There’s no need to discuss your political or religious thoughts in your cover letter or mention your political affiliations in your resume. It’s better to steer clear from them completely to avoid getting into hot water. ????

❌ Don’t send anything without proofreading

Always revise and proofread both your resume and your cover letter before hitting send. ????

Make sure what you’re sending aligns with the job description. Never submit incomplete information since that may indicate the kind of employee you would be if you’re hired. 

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