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“Tell me about yourself” – Ace your interview with these tips

“Tell me about yourself” or a variation of this is often the very first question that an interviewer might throw your way. And while you might find it an easy question – after all, you just need to talk about yourself – but answering this with respect to a job interview can sometimes be stressful. ????

But don’t worry – I have you covered. Check out these tips. ⬇️

???? Get the structure right

There’s a very simple but very effective way to structure your answer. 

???????? First, tell the interviewer a little bit about your current role or some big achievement.

???????? Then, backtrack a little and talk about how you made it there or any previous experiences relevant to the job you’re being interviewed for.

???????? Finally, hint at what you plan on doing next and why you feel you’re a great fit for the role.

Of course, there are other ways to structure the answer and even tweak it. For instance, if there’s a unique story about how you got into your field then you can even start with the past and work your way to the present.   

Just make sure you tie your story with the job you’ve applied for. ✅

???? Don’t undermine first impressions

In most cases, this question is the very first impression and matters a lot. And don’t forget, you have just one chance to make a great first impression. Most hiring decisions are typically made in the first few minutes and your eye contact, handshake, what you say, and your greetings are all important. 

Plus, the first impression often colors the remaining interview. So if you have to spend most of your time trying to make up for a bad opening, things are going to be much different compared to if you give a relevant and confident answer right at the start. 

???? Tweak the answer according to the company and role 

By asking this question, an interviewer really just wants you to tell him or her about yourself with regards to the position you’ve applied for. They’re giving you a chance to briefly explain why you’re the right fit. ????????‍????

And to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure you read the job description thoroughly, research the company, and figure out how you can make it very clear why you’re interested in the role and the value you can add to the company.

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