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Want to Make Your CV Stand Out? Use These Simple Tips

Tips to make your CV stand out

Your CV plays a big role in you landing that job interview you wanted, especially since it’s the very first point of contact between you and your potential employer. This is why you need to design your CV right – with a simple font, easy-to-read format, minimal styling, and bullets that are easy to skim. To get you started, here are our top tips ⬇️

???????? State your details clearly

The first thing you should mention in your CV is your contact details, including your name and phone number, so that potential employers can reach you easily anytime. ????

Make sure your contact details are clear and prominent and should be place on top of the CV. You should also add the link to your updated LinkedIn profile or your website, if you have one.

???????? Mention your career highlights

Next, introduce yourself and highlight what you will bring to the table. Summarize your career highlights and make sure you include your accomplishments. ????

Keep in mind that this section should be tailored according to the role you’re applying for. It should also be comprehensive but concise and should make your CV stand out from others. 

???????? Mention your skills

List your skills relevant to the role in short bullet points. This is one of the most important parts of your CV; hiring managers will quickly scan this part to see how well you fit the role, which is why you need to fill this section very carefully. Where possible, try to use the adjectives mentioned in the job listing. 

???????? Talk about your work history

Highlight all experiences relevant to the job you’re applying for, including volunteer work and paid work. Put your most recent experience on the top. Remember to tailor this section to the role you’re looking into and try to include key responsibilities from your previous roles that are applicable for your application. You should also consider highlighting challenges and how you overcame them, both as a team member and as an individual. ????

With these tips in mind, you’ll have an award-winning CV in no time. And with Jadu’s free CV builder, you won’t have to worry about formatting it too! ????????

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