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How to tailor your resume the right way

Most recruiters prefer job seekers who have some relevant experience so if you have something like that mentioned on your resume in the description or work experience section, you’re more likely going to be called for the interview. ????

However, if you don’t have the skills or experience that recruiters are looking for, your resume will go straight into the discard pile. This is why just an exceptional experience section or job description isn’t enough. 

Instead, you need to have a tailored resume for the job so that it passes the ATS system and attracts recruiters. Here’s how you can do that. ????????

???????? Put experience on top

In addition to your resume summary and contact details, one of the first things that hiring managers go through is the job description. They spend roughly 7 seconds on each resume to make their decision which is why it’s important that your experience comes on top.

???????? Read the job description thoroughly

Look at the job description closely and make sure your experience section highlights that you can do all that’s required of the role. Also make sure that you use the same language that’s used in the job posting. Mirroring the keywords is a great way of demonstrating that you’re a great match. Plus, it helps pass ATS, too!

???????? Be specific

It’s important to inform your hiring manager of your duties and role at your previous workplace so that they’re clear about your work history.

Start each description with basic details about the job, including your title, the company’s name and address, and the time you worked there.

???????? Highlight your achievements

Carefully narrow down the relevant achievements and emphasize your accomplishments instead of your responsibilities. 

Also, don’t forget to use action words to describe your responsibilities. Remember, action verbs convey leadership potential and can impress recruiters. 

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