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How to Prepare For an HR Interview ????????‍????

Landing an HR interview, particularly in today’s competitive job market is a really big deal. The hiring manager looked at your CV or LinkedIn profile, found you interesting enough and saw you as a potential employee, and decided to get to know you a little better. So if you have an HR interview lined up, congratulations – you’re a step closer to your dream job! ????????

Now all you have to do is keep the following tips in mind so that you’re fully prepared for your HR interview! ????????

???? Thoroughly research the company that’ll be interviewing you 

Read up as much as you can about the company. Go through the whole website, check out their social media sites, and see if they have been in the news lately. There’s nothing like being too thorough. ????

???? Research the individual who’s going to interview you 

Take a look at the person’s LinkedIn profile, their path to the company, and their past experience. Note down some questions you can ask about their role in the company and the time they’ve spent at the company. ????

???? Go through the job description

Be thorough with the job description, making sure that you understand all the points mentioned in it and how you fulfill the requirements. If there’s some gap, there’s no need to worry about it; you can try to explain how other applicable experiences and your soft skills can help fulfill that gap. 

???? Know what’s on your CV

Review your CV again and make sure you’re prepared to answer all the questions about it. For instance, you could be asked why you’re looking for a new role or what you didn’t like about your last role. Generally, it’s great to be in control of your career progression.

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