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How to overcome job search burnout

When looking for a new job, it can be really easy to become frustrated and eventually go through job search burnout. ????

Luckily, you can overcome that with a few simple tips. Let’s have a look. ⬇️

???????? Know your limits

Don’t spend the whole day looking for jobs; this is the quickest way to experience burnout. Instead, take out a few hours where you only focus on looking for jobs, making connections, and sending applications before calling it a day. 

If you just continue to apply throughout the day, you won’t be as productive and you’ll only ruin your mood. As a result, you might end up missing good opportunities. ☹️

???????? Reevaluate your search plan

If you’ve been applying for months and haven’t heard back from any place, you should reassess how you’re doing things. Make sure search parameters are specific enough. Narrow down your parameters further by focusing on positions that match your flexibility and specifications. 

You should also reassess your LinkedIn profile, cover letter and resume to see if you need to polish some things. ????

???????? Network, network, network

Never underestimate the importance of networking when looking for a job. And today, you don’t even need to physically go to networking events. You can simply start off with LinkedIn and reach out to old contacts or you can just attend a virtual happy hour or even host one and invite someone new. 

???????? Connect with other job seekers 

Get in touch with others also looking for a job and make a group. Once you have that, hold each other accountable and motivate each other to keep going. Share your success and failures and lessons you’ve learned so that others can learn, too. ????️

???????? Don’t become negative

Staying positive and letting go of self-doubt and negativity is also important if you want to avoid job search burnout. Plus, with a positive mindset, you’ll be in a better place mentally to work towards your goals. ????

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