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How to Make Hybrid Working More Efficient

Thanks to Covid, hybrid work is the new normal. Even though some companies have called their employees back to the office, most of them, including big tech giants, have decided to stick to some kind of hybrid model. 

But despite the popularity of the hybrid model with both employees and employers, the transition hasn’t been so smooth. To make your hybrid working experience better, here are some things you should do. ????????

???? Plan your days

Before you start your day, it’s important that you have a plan. This is because when you’re working from home, you need to determine what you have to do and when. Plus, as you bounce between different environments and different schedules, it’s important to make a daily plan the night before so that you’re ready to tackle the day once you wake up. ????

And when you’re doing all the planning, don’t go ahead and try to fill in all the gaps in your day. You also need to be mindful of your focus on energy. In other words, plan your day intentionally. 

???? Choose the correct place 

Your home and the office are suitable for different kinds of work. 

At home, you can have a distraction-free hands-down time while in the office, you can focus more on collaboration and creativity. For example, at home, you can troubleshoot your own code while in the office, you might want to spend your time working through some challenging code with another person. ????

The type of work often dictates the place you should use. Doing solo work in the office or vice versa will only come in the way of your overall productivity. But make sure you let your team know when you plan on staying at home and when you’ll be in the office so that it mirrors what your team is doing. 

If your day only involves personal work, you can work from home but if you have a few meetings or a project that needs collaboration, you should go to the office. ????

???? Have a similar setup in both places

When you work from home, you’re basically maintaining two offices, which means whenever you change locations, you need to adjust to the environment. However, you can mitigate this issue by making the two places as similar as you can. 

This is because humans are creatures of habits and having similar workplaces can make you more productive. You can make the two places similar by positioning the chair and desk in a similar way or keeping the same supplies in the drawer. ????

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