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How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Having great time management skills is a huge plus, especially since it’s so much better than working under pressure! Not to mention, without these skills, you’re more likely to miss things like work-life balance and excellent opportunities. 

Of course, mastering time management isn’t as easy as it seems. Like other soft skills, you need a lot of practice to be good at it. But there are some tips you can keep in mind to improve. Take a look. ⬇️

⏰ Know your priorities

The very first thing you need to do is determine your priorities. This doesn’t apply just to day-to-day tasks, but also to long-term goals, so that you can determine how much time you need to spend on something. After all, you can’t manage your time effectively if you don’t know what you want to do first. ????

⏰ Never multitask

Multitasking might sound like a great way to manage your time, but the truth is the exact opposite: multitasking worsens your time management skills since it affects your working memory negatively and makes it harder to focus on the most important tasks.

Plus, you never really truly multitask. Yes, you can handle doing a few tasks simultaneously to some extent, but none of them are done to the best of your abilities. 

So if you want to improve time management, you need to learn how to give the task at hand your complete attention. Once you master sustained effort and focus, you’ll see your productivity increase drastically. ????

⏰ Stay away from distractions

Our lives today are full of distractions, which certainly gets in the way of effective time management. And once there are some distractions in front of you, it’s easy to lose hours and hours. ⌛️

Luckily, it’s easy to keep distractions at bay, especially if you’re working from home. For instance, you should turn off the notifications, put the phone aside, and ask your colleagues and family to not disturb you unless it’s not work-related.

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