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How to find a mentor who can accelerate your career

Great mentors are a godsend; they can help you find and unlock your potential. And they do more than just offering advice; they help you look past your limiting beliefs and keep you grounded and accountable. 

They can also help you realize ideas that aren’t worth pursuing and opportunities you shouldn’t miss out on. But the biggest benefit of a mentor is that you can get a head-start on your career and really boost it. ????

So how do you find someone who can help you accelerate your career? Here are 5 simple steps. ????????

1. Know what you want ????

Before you go ahead and start looking for people, you first need to know what you really want from your mentor. List down the challenges you’re struggling with and the help you need. Next, list down the qualities and experience that a potential mentor should have. 

Once you know what you really want, your search can become really easy. 

2. Look for potential mentors ????

With the potential mentor’s qualities in mind and the problems you have in mind, you can go ahead and look for mentors. Take a look at people around your office, ask your coworkers and friends for recommendations or consider other network connections. 

Make a list of all the potential candidates and rank them according to preference.

3. Validate your final choice ✅

Before you go ahead and send them a request to become your mentor, make sure they’re the right choice. You can do so by setting up a quick meeting and asking for their advice on a work or career-related issue. If you’re satisfied by their answer, you know they’re the right fit.

4. Send your request ????

Now that you’re completely sure of your choice, all that’s left to do is officially send your request asking them to be your mentor.

5. Make it a 2-way relationship ↔️

With the relationship established, the next step is strengthening it. And you can do that by giving back something in this relationship in return. 

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