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Experiencing job search burnout? Look for these signs

Identifying burnout and accepting that you’re going through it isn’t easy. And the root cause of it can be anything – the stress of finding a job, managing your current job while looking for a new one, unemployment, etc. 

Regardless of the cause of the burnout, it’s very important that you know how to identify it. Once you’re sure that you’re burned out, you can take the right steps to move forward.

So how can you identify job search burnout? Here are some signs to look for. ????????

???? Stress

Even simple tasks make you overwhelmed and stress you out. Something as simple as sending another resume makes you anxious. ????

???? Poor health

Poor health, whether mental or physical, can be a sign of job search burnout. If you’re getting sick frequently, not sleeping well, or constantly anxious and worried about everything, it might be because of job search burnout. ????

???? Frustration and irritation

If you’re irritated about other things in your life apart from the job search or if little things that never mattered have started to bother you, it’s a sign of job search burnout. ????

???? Becoming antisocial

If you’ve started to find social interaction too draining and you do whatever you can to avoid it, it could be because of burnout. ????

However, keep in mind that avoiding social interactions and social support can also add to stress. 

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