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Emotional Intelligence Components You Should Master for Work

Emotional intelligence refers to the individual’s ability to understand and manage not only their own emotions but also of those around them. Those with high EI are aware of their feelings, what they’re stemming from, and how they can affect others. 

In the workplace, EI is crucial for success. Think about it, someone who can stay in control and assess the situation calmly can go a long way. But to improve EI, you need to master five elements. ????????

⭐️ Self-awareness

When you’re self-aware, you know how you feel and how your actions and emotions can affect those around you. Plus, you know your weaknesses and strengths and how to behave with humility. 

There are a number of ways you can improve self-awareness like keeping a journal and writing your thoughts down in it. ✍️

Similarly, when you experience a strong emotion like anger, take a step back to figure out why. 

⭐️ Self-regulation

Self-regulation is about keeping in control, commitment to accountability, and flexibility. It can help you avoid making emotional decisions, verbally attacking others, compromising your values, or stereotyping people. 

To become more self-regulating, you need to examine and know your values so that when you come across an ethical or moral issue, you know what to do. You should also commit to admitting your mistakes and facing the consequences instead of blaming others. And try to keep calm by practicing deep breathing and journaling. ????‍????????

⭐️ Motivation

When you’re self-motivated, you consistently work towards your goals and you hold yourself against very high work standards. Reevaluate your job and what you love about it and figure out how motivated you are as a leader. And always be hopeful and optimistic even in the worst of times to stay not lose motivation. ????????

⭐️ Empathy 

Empathy is important for managing a team and involves putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. It can help you develop those on your team, challenge those acting unfairly, and listen to people who need it. Plus, it can help you earn the loyalty and respect of those around you. ✊????

To become more empathetic, take out the time to understand situations from others’ perspectives. Learn how to read other people’s body language so that you can respond the right way. And don’t forget to respond to other people’s feelings even if they don’t say them out loud. ????️

⭐️ Social skills

And finally, to improve EI, you need to be good at social skills like communication, resolving conflicts, and managing change. They also support their team and set an example for others. 

To build social skills, learn how to resolve conflicts between vendors, team members, and customers. You should also improve communication skills and learn how to praise those who earned it. ????️

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