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Easily Simulate A Real Interview with ChatGPT – Here’s How

interview with chatgpt

In my previous post, I talked about using ChatGPT to prepare for a job interview. In this article, let’s kick things up a notch and see how you can use ChatGPT to create an interview-like environment. Sounds far-fetched, I know, but it really is possible and here’s how you can do it, too. 

How to start

To simulate an interview, you don’t have to do much. First, explain to ChatGPT what you’re about to do. Type a prompt informing the AI that you’re going to simulate an interview and inform it that you want it to act as the interviewer. Here’s an example:

If you’re not satisfied with the questions that ChatGPT’s asking you, you can even give it a list of questions and ask it to pick one and ask you conversationally. For instance:

Now, answer those questions like you would in a real interview, using examples from your experiences. Once you send in your answer, ask ChatGPT for some feedback. In particular, ask for areas of improvement (like where you could’ve given a better answer or provided more detail). Do this for different questions until you’re confident about your answers. 

Tips to make the most out of it

Of course, answering questions by typing in your answers is drastically different from an actual interview, but there are some things you can do to better prepare yourself for the real deal. For instance:

  • Try to talk to ChatGPT following the guidelines and rules of an actual interview
  • Make sure you set up ChatGPT in a quiet place and avoid getting up in the middle of the session
  • Give ChatGPT the complete practice scenario – make sure you stay realistic and specific 
  • Try to give as detailed (and authentic) answers as possible and don’t forget to include examples from your experiences
  • Use the suggestions and feedback provided by ChatGPT to fine-tune your answers
  • Have multiple such sessions of mock interviews to improve your skills

Keep in mind that while this practice will help you refine your answers, it won’t help your verbal skills since you can only submit answers by typing (for now). So, make sure you also take some steps to improve your verbal skills!

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