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Do Certifications in Your CV Make a Difference? ????

While different employers keep an eye out for different things when they’re looking to hire new recruits, one thing is for sure – all of them value certifications since they make better employees. ????

So, if you’re looking to get your dream job, make sure you add related professional certifications to your CV. Here’s why ⬇️

???? Can greatly help with your interview

Interviewers usually determine the value you can add to the company by looking at your resume. This is why it’s important that you highlight every important detail. ????️

Plus, not all candidates will have a certification along with their degree to prove how dedicated they are to their field.

Adding a related professional course helps you prepare for the interview. Plus, you can get an idea of how your interview will go. 

If you add a certification, most of it will revolve around that. And properly answering those questions, will bring you a step closer to landing the job. ????

???? Makes your resume look better ????????

A dedicated separate section for your professional certifications completely changes how your resume looks and makes it look more polished. ????

Instead of being just a list of your past positions, your resume will have sections for certifications, accolades, and skills, telling the employer more about you and taking you further in the recruitment process.

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