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Common job search mistakes you should avoid

Thinking of getting a new job? First, make sure you’re absolutely ready for the ultimate successful job search. So you don’t just need strong interview skills and an impressive resume; you also need to know common mistakes people often make when looking for a job. 

Without knowing these, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up wasting more time than you’d hoped for. 

So, are you ready? Here are some mistakes you should avoid when looking for a job: ????????

❌ Starting without any defined strategy

Right at the start of your search, you might want to just go ahead and send in as many applications as you can. And while it sounds like a solid plan, it can do more harm than good. For a successful job search, make sure you do some planning and know the responsibilities, roles, and kind of company you want.

❌ Errors on the resume

Your resume is often the first impression, and it’s going to look very bad if there are numerous mistakes present. If you want to be really considered, you’ll have to make sure there are no consistencies or grammatical errors in your work. 

To further make sure there are no mistakes, you can ask a friend to go over your resume, too. 

❌ Not using LinkedIn the right way

Employers turn to LinkedIn to look for candidates and decide who they should call for an interview. So, in addition to making sure that your LinkedIn is updated, you should make sure you use the platform to its full potential.

And to stand out to an employer, don’t just think of LinkedIn as another online version for the resume. Instead, use it to share relevant articles, add to your work history, and even write recommendations.

❌ Being unorganized

When you apply to numerous jobs together, things can often get overwhelming and you can end up disorganized. If you’re not very careful, you might even end up confusing positions or similar details!

To prevent that from happening, it’s better to keep track of all the things using a spreadsheet. Make sure you add interview dates, the date and jobs applied, and the responses you’ve received.

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