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Importance of Certifications in CV ????


Many people tend to overlook the importance of having certifications on your CV, even though it is one of the most important things that employers look for as they filter the hundreds of resumes they get. Think of them as the golden nuggets that employers look for when searching for new recruiters. ????

And it’s a proven fact, too! According to a Microsoft Professional Certified study, 91% of IT managers think that IT certifications can help predict successful employees. ✅

Plus, your resume basically serves as evidence of your competencies and skills. This is why it’s important to make it different from the others by listing your professional certification. Here is how you can benefit from certifications: ????????

???? Makes Your CV Stand Out ????

Hundreds of people apply for the same position, which means you can expect your CV to face fierce competition. But one thing that can give you an edge over the others is respected and credible professional certifications on your CV. And the more certifications you have, the better. ????

For instance, if you’re an accountant ????‍????, you can really benefit from an accounting certification like the CPA, which is quite renowned and is valued in the accounting industry, especially since it covers the different aspects of accounting and is very rigorous. 

???? Proves that you’re competent ????

Including relevant certifications on your CV is the best way to show your competencies. Think of it; just stating that you’re great at investment analysis isn’t enough. In contrast, a CAIA or CFA certificate will speak for you and prove that you’re an expert. In the case of the latter, the company might give you more preference over someone with better academic credentials but no certification. 

???? Speaks about your character ????????

Doing a certification doesn’t just enhance your skills; it also helps give a great impression on interviewers. When you add professional courses, especially those that are greatly valued and known for their difficulty, it shows that you are driven, disciplined, willing to learn, and hungry for knowledge – all of these traits are important for any employer. 

Of course, it’s tricky to judge a person’s character just by looking at their credentials, but it can help give them an idea about their dedication and abilities. Think about it – completing a tough professional exam clearly shows that you’re willing to put in the effort to get the work done. ✅

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